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Download this unique BitPetite compound interest spreadsheet for free to calculate what your earnings are if you reinvest all your earnings. You can choose whether you reinvest all your profits back in the program or periodically send your profits to your wallet. The calculator can be used for all offered cryptocurrencies at BitPetite. When you keep reinvesting all your profits in the program it ensures you that your capital grows faster, and you’ll get a more interest because your capital is higher. At one point you will achieve exponential growth, this phenomenon is called Compound Interest and is well-known in the financial and mathematical sector. If you have the discipline and patience to reinvest your profits back in the program, you can earn a lot of money.

Download BitPetite Calculator
Download the free BitPetite Spreadsheet

Download the BitPetite Compound Interest Calculator Spreadsheet for free and start using compound interest to earn thousands of dollars. You may distribute this document to anyone you want.

The BitPetite calculator is an automatic calculator that calculates how much you can earn with your own chosen starting capital. All yellow shaded fields can be customized with your own values. The standard start amount is $200 and you have to change the current crypto value/start value to the value at the time of your investment. If you want to use this calculator for an another cryptocurrency than Bitcoin, please change the minimum deposit to the value of your chosen cryptocurrency.

The strategy assumes that you re-invest in the program every time you meet the minimum deposit. The minimum deposit differs by coin, in this example we will take Bitcoin with a minimum deposit of 0.005 BTC. In column E of the calculator, it’s assumed that you will re-invest this in the program every time when the total of your BitPetite balance reaches 0.005 BTC. In our example, this is on day 4 (standard sheet). The amounts in the yellow column are not the amounts you will reinvest in the program, but the amounts you sent to your “non-reinvested wallet”. If you keep investing in BitPetite, your capital is getting bigger, but in fact you have nothing in your personal wallet. By periodically transferring an amount to your “non-reinvested wallet”, you make sure that you actually generate Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet and which is not the case with a third party like BitPetite which is holding your money. The “non-reinvested wallet” is just your own / same wallet, but with credit that you do not reinvest in the program, you simply hold the cryptocurrency in your wallet.

How to fill in the column G withdraw process can be customized. If you decide not to transfer anything to your “non-reinvested wallet” then your capital in BitPetite will grow faster, but you will not have anything in your personal wallet. You can also transfer your credit to your “non-reinvested wallet” twice a week, giving you a higher balance in your personal wallet, but your capital in BitPetite will increase slower. If you want to read our full experience please in our BitPetite review.

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