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Download our unique BitConnect compound interest spreadsheet for free to calculate what your earnings are if you reinvest all your earnings. BitConnect offers the option to reinvest your earnings in the program. This will increase your total investment and leads to more interest. By reinvesting, your earnings are getting bigger until it grows exponentially at some point. This phenomenon is called Compound Interest and is known in the financial and mathematical sector. If you have the discipline and patience to reinvest the money in the program and not meanwhile, you can earn big amounts with the BitConnect loan program.

Download BitConnect Spreadsheet
Download BitConnect Spreadsheet

Download the BitConnect Spreadsheet Compound Interest Calculator for free and start using this method to earn thousands of dollars. You may distribute this document to anyone you want.

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The excel document is an automatic calculator that calculates how much you can earn with your own chosen starting capital. If you change the starting capital from column B10 to the desired starting capital then you will see that all fields are automatically updated with the new earnings. The default interest rate is 0.90%, but this can also be changed. The document comes with a starting capital of $ 500, but this can be more or less. The minimum deposit is $ 100. As you scroll down, you see that your overall investment is growing and you can reinvest your reinvestment faster. After 1 year, your total investment is already $ 11,800.00 and your reinvests amounts are above $ 1000 to get the interest bonus. After 1 year, the exponential grow starts and you see the strength of compound interest. If you look after 2 years then you see the following amount as total investment $ 496,320.00. The difficulty is not to withdraw money and to follow this calculator. In addition, it also dependents on the interest rate given. If it’s above 0.90% then you will achieve your goal earlier than when it is lower. 0.90% is currently the average interest rate.

In the image below you can see our experience with an investment of $ 320. Green shaded is when we calculated to reinvest and shed yellow when we actually could reinvest. You see that we could reinvest much earlier than due to favorable interest rates. If you want to read our full experience please in our BitConnect review.

BitConnect Calculated reinvestments and actual reinvestments


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