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Bitclub Network Sponsor username, do you want to start with Bitclub Network, but you don’t know a sponsor? Do not worry, we have a special sponsor code for you so you can start buying pool shares. It’s required at Bitclub Network to participate in someone’s team, butnot everyone knows someone who uses Bitclub Network. If you use our sponsor code you’re part of the FREE10 team and we place you in our network tree. In some cases we place you in a position where you can even earn Bitcoin from our other team members.

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Bitclub Network Sponsor Needed

You ended up on this page because you saw the message Sponsor Needed. To participate in the BitClub Network and buy mining pool shares, you have to know somebody who’s already a member. You’re free to use our username when you get this message and you’ll be placed in our team.

2Enter FREE10 as your sponsor
3Pay the BitClub Membership Enrollment
4Buy a mining pool share

After you filled in our sponsor code you can join the BitClub Network. After you validated your emailaddress, you can pay the BitClub Membership Enrollment. The membership payment is mandatory and has a fixed price of $99. If you don’t pay the membership costs, you can’t buy mining shares. So keep in mind you have to do this.

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