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In our Coinreum review, we’ll research what this program does, how to earn money with it and whether it’s safe to invest your money. Recently, we see a heavy increase of investment programs appearing in the cryptocurrency market. Coinreum is one of these and is an investment platform for cryptocurrency which is active since September 2017. The program looks very professional and modern and works very well. It looks a little like and it’s clear that there has been a lot of time in developing this. The information on the website is small, but just enough to know what they’re doing. Coinreum promises a daily interest rate of 3.2% to 3.8% depending on which plan you choose and you can invest many different cryptocurrency into the program. Coinreum is a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) which means that interest rates possible are paid by new members of the program. Investing in such programs are risky. We’ve verified that this program pays but we can’t predict that they’ll continue to pay in the future. The website says that they have five years of experience in trading and they generate profits with our invested money on the stock market. We tested the program and made an investment.

Register an account
Register an account and start start earning a daily 3.8% interest rate!

Register now with Coinreum and start earning money with interest rates from 3.2% and above! You get a return between 160% and 345% and you can invest more than 10 different cryptocurrencies.

Investing cryptocurrency in Coinreum

Investing in the program is very simple and user-friendly. After registering an account you will have access to your dashboard. In the left menu you can choose Invest. At this moment, they accept twelve methods to invest in the program. This is a lot more than, for example, BitPetite.

Coinreum Payment Methods

The payment methods are expanded with new methods. All statistics and investments are insightful on the website. You can see directly how many members the program has, how much there has been invested and how much is earned. The trading results are shown weekly on the website, where you can see the daily investments and amounts. It’s striking that the program is growing rapidly and the number of new investments is increasing.

Once you have selecter your desired payment method, you can choose an investment plan. You can choose three different investment plans. The longer you invest your money, the more you’ll get back. There’s a daily, weekly and a montly plan. You can choose which plan suits you best.

Method Minimum Deposit Withdraw Limit
Bitcoin (BTC) 0.005000 BTC 0.005000 BTC
Ethereum (ETH) 0.06000 ETH 0.005000 ETH
Litecoin (LTC) 0.300000 LTC 0.050000 LTC
Dash 0.050000 Dash 0.005000 Dash
Monero (XMR) 0.150000 XMR 0.010000 XMR
ZCash (ZEC) 0.080000 ZEC 0.005000 ZEC
Ripple (XRP) 100 XRP 20 XRP
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 0.045000 BCH 0.001000 BCH
BitConnect (BCC) 0.170000 BCC 0.002000 BCC
advcash $20 $0.50
Payeer $20 $0.50
Perfect Money $20 $0.50

With the daily plan you get 3.2% interest on your investment every day for a period of 50 days. You’ll have a return of 160%. The profits you receive every day can be re-invested in the program or you can withdraw it to your wallet. The advantage is that you get your money back in 50 days, but the disadvantage is that you get less than the other plans.

Coinreum Investment Plans

With the weekly plan you get a daily interest rate of approximately 3.6%. You’ll not receive this daily, but you will receive 25% interest on a weekly basis. This plan takes 10 weeks (70 days) and you get a return of 250%. The advantage is that you get more paid than with the daily plan, the disadvantage is that you have to wait longer and your money is fixed for a longer period. The final plan is the monthly plan, where you get a daily rate of 3.8%. You’ll not receive this interest on a daily or weekly basis, but on a monthly basis with a montly return of 115% interest. This plan takes 3 months (90 days) and you get a return of 345%! The advantage is that the payings are high, but it takes a long time before your money is released.

Our first Coinreum investment

Coinreum Dashboard Ripple InvestmentWe chose to invest Ripple for our first investment in the program. We invested 148 XRP which is currently equivalent to about $ 30. The investment plan is the monthly plan and we get a payout three times. The investment we made on October 20, 2017 and our first payment is on November 19, 2017. With the profit calculator on the website you can accurately calculate what you are going to earn.

The first payout on November 19, 2017 will be 170.2 XRP and that’ll be more than we invested. From there we can choose if we want to re-invest the money or we can transfer it to our own Ripple wallet. In total we’ll receive 510.6 XRP.

Coinreum Our Active Ripple Investment

Is Coinreum a scam or legit?

We have tested the program and have successfully invested our Ripple. Unfortunately, with the monthly plan payments only take place once a month, so we can’t prove that the company pays out. However, we have seen many success stories on YouTube and we’re sure that the program is currently paying out. It remains a potential High Yield Investment Program, so you need to be careful. Investing in a program such as this is at your own risk and can be risky. Cryptocurrency platforms aren’t properly regulated yet to get your money back if it gets hacked or is a scam. Therefore, invest wisely and never more than you can afford. One of the things that makes Coinreum legit is that the program looks professional, that there are many investment opportunities available and that you can release your money in a relatively short time. The latter has the advantage that you can quickly withdraw money from the program, if you have suspicions that it’s going the wrong way. Some examples of why we think that Coinreum is legit:

Coinreum legit?
  • More than a quarter million active users
  • Over $ 10 million invested in the program
  • Trades are displayed transparently on the website
  • 24/7 support desk
  • Many investment options

Should Coinreum no longer pay or have any bad intentions, we will place this immediately on this page.

Start investing at Coinreum and benefit from a daily 3.8% interest rate.

9.3 Total Score
Easy way to earn money and financial freedom

Coinreum is a professional and modern looking platform where you easily can make a lot of money. You can choose out of twelve different cryptocurrencies to invest your money in the program and there are three different investment plans. With a return of at least 160% and up to 345%, is this a very easy way to earn money.

Interest Rates and Profits
Customer Service
  • Easy way to earn money
  • Generate a passive income
  • The different investment plans
  • Twelve different cryptocurrencies to invest
  • Up to 345% return
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