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CryptoXchanger makes it easy for investors to exchange their cryptocurrency. It’s definitely not a normal cryptocurrency exchange, the platform looks very good and they offer multiple investment opportunities to earn money. Besides their exchange and investment platform they also announced their own ICO. Their ExchangeCoin (EXCC) is to raise funds to create a decentralized exchange and to generate profits for the owners of the coin. The primary goal of CryptoXchanger is to create a decentralized and user-friendly exchange for everybody, even without technical knowledge. They want to become independent from third party exchanges and provide a well-built exchange. The development of this idea will take a lot of work and will be funded by the ICO of the ExchangeCoin. In this review, we investigate what CryptoXchanger is, whether it’s a legit company and we share our own experience. Share your own experience in the comment section.

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What is CryptoXchanger?

CryptoXchanger’s goal is to become an independent and decentralized exchange. In an exchange you can exchange cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency. Existing exchanges demand high fees, are controlled by large organizations and most exchanges don’t support all existing cryptocurrencies.  CryptoXchanger wants to change this and want to create their own exchange, so we can do everything on one exchange. This modern cryptocurrency exchange also comes with multiple investment opportunities to earn money from the interest given by CryptoXchanger. The investment platform is already live and very modern looking. They have developed an algorithm that checks the best price on multiple exchanges to offer the best price. At the same time this bot checks if the cryptocurrency has a up or downtrend. The bot will not only exchange the currency, but it can also earn money based on the coin price difference. If the desired coins are in a downward trend, the exchange pays the currency from their own resources and the bot will monitor when the currency reaches the bottom. Once the trend will go up the bot purchases the coin and adds it to their resources. In this case they earn with the 0.5% transaction fee and the coin price difference. They have many strategies like this built-in in the exchanger.

CryptoXChanger Dashboard


Investing cryptocurrency in the CryptoXchanger program

Investing into the program is very easy, modern and they accept all available cryptocurrencies. Minimum deposit for this platform is relatively high 0.01 BTC, this is about $ 65. There’s a calculator on the investment page where you can calculate your profits. The interest rate is variable and is on average between 4-5% daily. The payings are daily and will be between the 2% and the 5%. The minimum investment period is 25 days and the maximum is 75 days. They guarantee a return of 150% in about 40 days. If you invest now you’ll get some bonus ExchangeCoins (EXCC).

CryptoXChanger Profit Calculator

You can transfer more than 40 different cryptocurrencies to the program to invest. You can decide for yourself how much money you invest as long as you reach the mimum deposit. They don’t offer plans, only a daily interest rate. There’s no reinvest button, but you can reinvest your earnings into the program by making a new investment. The deposit will automatically start working after three confirmations on the blockchain. You will receive your profits every 24 hours.

For example: You invest 0.01 BTC and get a daily return of 4%. Your break-even point will be in about 30 days, everything after that date is pure profit.

Create an account and earn from a daily interest up to 6%. Get now a 5% bonus of free ExchangeCoins (EXCC)

Register now with us and get a free bonus of 5%.

Is CryptoXChanger a scam or legit?

The idea of CryptoXChanger is very good and is supported by many people. They’re getting bigger and bigger, because people are waiting for a decentralized excahgne. The program pays daily and many people have received their payments and made profits. The ICO of the ExchangeCoin (EXCC) is a great success. Even though there are many good stories, investing in these types of programs is risky. Make sure you invest wisely in these types of programs and never more than you can miss. Don’t invest your rent, your full salary or grocery money for this month in CryptoXChanger.

Some indicators why CryptoXChanger might be legit:
  • Good looking website and investment platform
  • Excellent idea to make a decentralized exchange
  • Started their own ICO ExchangeCoin (EXCC)
  • Active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Exchange, Investment program and ICO
  • Live Payments option

You can start investing with a low budget, and your capital will be released in a short period of time. Comparing this with to the BitConnect program the CryptoXChanger program will give you your money back sooner. The website is hosted by NameCheap, Inc, and they use a SSL certificate.

8.9 Total Score
Exchange, Investment program and ICO in ONE

CryptoXchanger is an exchange and an investment platform. You will get a daily interest between 2% and 6% and you will receive your profits every 24 hours. They guarantee a return of 150% in about 40 days and for every Bitcoin investment you will get 5% bonus ExchangeCoins.

Interest Rates and Profits
Customer Service
  • Daily 2%-6% interest
  • Average of 4.5%
  • Accept dozens of cryptocurrency
  • Modern and simple
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