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The platform was officially launched on September 21 2017 and is funded through an ICO. The ICO was a great success and, thanks to the promoters, it received a lot of attention. In total, there are 27 million regalcoins (REC) in circulation, of which a part is pre-mined by the developers. RegalCoin is an investment platform that shows a lot of similarities with BitConnect. You can earn money by lending, trading or staking. In our review we test the platform and see what benefits the platform can offer. After reading this review, you can decide for yourself if this is a scam or legit company.

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Earn a passive income by lending REC

Earn daily interest by lending REC via the Regalcoin platform

What is RegalCoin?

Regalcoin is an investment platform, but also the name of the cryptocurrency. The purpose of this coin is to act as a currency and you have to invest in the platform. There’s nothing else you can do with this coin. The expectation is that the value will rise very rapidly due to the popularity of these platforms. At the time of writing, the currency is worth 10 times more than when the ICO was launched. There are three methods of making money with Regalcoins:

1Staking: Earning interest by holding the REC coins and maintain the network.
2Trading: Buy low and sell high, the difference is your profit.
3Lending: The most popular method: Get daily interest by lending REC to Regalcoin.

By lending your regal coins you will receive a daily interest rate. Interest rates can be high, especially if you compare this with the bank. Take a look of the interest of the past 3 days:

RegalCoin: Daily interest of the past 3 days

As you can see, interest rates are very beneficial, even if you compare this with the BitConnect program. Interest rates are currently above 1%, but we do not know how this will look like in the future. RegalCoins can pay this kind of interest due to the special RECAT Trading Bot. This bot speculates daily on the market and generates an income. This income is distributed across all members of the community and the owners/developers of the platform. If the bot makes losses then there’ll be no interest paid, so you can’t lose any money. The interest rate is variable and will be different every day.

How can I buy RegalCoins?

At the moment, it’s not possible to buy Regalcoins on the platform itself. The platform is still under development and the exchange has not yet been completed. Until the exchange is completed, Regalcoins must be purchased via another exchage. We have made a small tutorial how to purchase REC quickly.

1Register an account at RegalCoin
2Register an account at CoinExchange
3Deposit Bitcoin in your CoinExchange account (Minimum deposit: $100)
4Exchange the Bitcoin for RegalCoins (REC)
5Withdraw your REC from CoinExchange and transfer it to your RegalCoin REC Wallet
6Once the transaction is completed, you can invest your REC.

As soon as the built-in exchange works, you can simply exchange your Bitcoin for REC coins on the platform itself, but for now this is the only option.

Investing REC to Regalcoin and reinvesting

Once you have REC you can invest on this platform. By clicking on the Lending button you can make your first investment. An investment must be at least $ 100 and must be a multiple of 10. As with BitConnect, you get a bonus if you invest more money. With RegalCoin, bonuses are higher, but also the initial investments.

Lending Amount Bonus Bonus Per Day Capital Release
$ 100 – $ 9.990 None None 99 Days
$ 10.000 – $ 24.990 + 1.0% Every 11 Days + 0.09% a Day 99 Days
$ 25.000 – $ 49.990 + 1.3% Every 11 Days + 0.12% a Day 99 Days
$ 50.000 – $ 100.000 + 1.6% Every 11 Days + 0.15% a Day 99 Days

The interest rates varies daily and is credited to your account every day. The investment you make will be held for 99 days by RegalCoin and released after this period. Therefore, it’s not possible to withdraw your investment earlier. The rate is given daily and can be withdrawn at any time. Instead of withdraw your profits, you can reinvest this back in the program by clicking the Reinvest button. This will increase your investment and get you’ll more interest. If you reinvest all your investments, your initial investment will grow exponentially. This method is called compound interest method. Although your capital is released earlier than at bitconnect (99 days vs 299 days), a $ 100 investment is required for a reinvestment (instead of $ 10 reinvestment at BitConnect).

How does the regalcoin platform work?

If you see the dashboard for the first time, it looks a bit messy. It’s hard to see what’s meant and what to look for. Only after a while it’s clear what is meant by the different components. The layout is not intuitive, but it’s user-friendly and works well. You get a lot of information on one screen and that can be very useful.

RegalCoin dashboard explained

On the top left you will find your affiliate link, use this link to invite people to the program. You will receive a portion of the investment. The Lending and Reinvest buttons let you invest money. The remaining components are explained in the table below:

REC – USD BTC – USD Dollar
Amount of REC coins in your wallet Amount of BTC coins in your wallet Amount of Dollars in your account
Today Earn Total Earn Total Lending
Earning of today Total earnings (all-time) Total lent
Direct Referral Sales Left Sales Right
People you’ve invited to the program Sales from the left tree Sales from the right tree
Interest Yesterday Interest Today Interest Tomorrow
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Earn a passive income by lending REC

Earn daily interest by lending REC via the Regalcoin platform

Is RegalCoin legit or a scam?

Based on our review, you can determine if RegalCoin is legit. There are many reviews on the internet that claim this is a very reliable program or just a scam, but no one has hard evidence. Listen to your own feeling when it comes to investing in this kind of programs. Make sure you do not invest too much money and certainly no money you can’t miss. We have invested $ 120 of regalcoins in this program and have been very satisfied so far. The program pays daily and we can witdraw our money anytime. The fact that your capital is held for 99 days is a big advantage. It remains a risky investment, but we’ve not had any clear signals that this company would be a scam.

Financially independent and generate passive income with daily interest

8.9 Total Score
Profitable program to get a passive income

RegalCoin is an interesting investment platform if you want to generate a passive income. With this platform you can earn money with the REC coin in different ways. You can trade, stake or lend the coin and earn money. It has become particularly popular with the lending program that's very profitable. RegalCoin still pays out on a daily basis.

Interest Rates and Profits
Customer Service
  • Three methods earning money
  • Get paid daily
  • After 99 days capital release
  • Reinvest earnings and use compound interest
  • Bonuses when investing more money
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    mike October 25, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    The coin performed quite well, this is attributed to the positive response it received on the market and equally from investors, in just 2 days the price had shot up this I believe the lending program contributed to this as well. You can check out the stats!

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