Bitunix Referral Code

Use the Bitunix Referral Code below to receive a lifetime 10% discount on all trading fees and a welcome bonus up to $5500.


The digital realm of cryptocurrency trading can create opportunities for financial growth. Among the platforms available, Bitunix has carved a niche for its enticing referral program, suitable for both novices and seasoned traders with a promise of interesting bonuses and discounts. This article unravels the benefits that Bitunix referral codes unfold.

10% fee discount with a Bitunix referral code

  1. Spot and Futures Fee Discounts: When you step into the Bitunix platform with a referral code, a lifetime 10% discount on spot and futures trading fees welcomes you. This is a lasting offer through your trading journey, discounting the fee with every transaction you execute​.
  2. Fee Cashback: The deal doesn’t end at immediate discounts. Bitunix has a post-trade cashback system in place. For instance, if a trade incurs a $100 transaction fee, you initially would pay the full amount. However, once the trade culminates, a 10% cashback on the fee, in this case $10, finds its way back to your account.
  3. Cumulative Savings Over Time: Though a 10% discount may appear minuscule in isolation, its cumulative effect over an extended trading period is substantial. Regular traders will find this feature a lucrative aspect of the Bitunix referral code, as it continually cashbacks the transaction costs, amassing significant savings over time​.
Bitunix Referral Code
Bitunix Referral Code

Extra Bitunix bonuses

  1. Welcome Bonuses: The Bitunix referral code collection of different welcome bonuses. A deposit of $150 unlocks a bonus of $25, and engaging in your first futures trade adds another $25 to your bonus tally. But the bounty doesn’t stop here, there’s an opportunity to get a bonus of up to $5500 by performing tasks.
  2. Mystery Bonus: Some sources hint at an enigmatic mystery bonus awaiting claim. Though the specifics remain a mystery.

How to use the referral code?

Activating the Bitunix referral code is easy. Simply navigate to or download the mobile app, opt for ‘Sign Up’, input your details along with the referral code, and voila! You’re now a part of the Bitunix community, with a treasure of discounts and bonuses at your disposal​.

  1. Visit or download the Bitunix mobile app.
  2. Click on ‘Sign Up’ and fill in the required details including the referral code.
  3. Verify your email to complete the registration process.

Summarized Referral Codes and Benefits

  1. Referral Code: 9h8m9231
    • 10% lifetime discount on trading fees.
    • Deposit bonus of $25 on deposit of $150 or more.
    • Trading bonus of $25 on first futures trade.
    • Up to $5500 sign-up bonus​.
  2. Referral Code: 9h8m8043
    • Up to $5500 Bitunix Sign-Up Bonuses.
    • 40% of your friends’ trading fees when you invite them to trade on Bitunix​.
  3. Referral Code: 9h8m5443
    • Up to $5800 in trading bonuses.
    • 20% trading fee discount​.
  4. Referral Code: 9h8m
    • Welcome bonus of $5500.
    • Secret mystery bonus of up to $300​.
  5. Referral Code: 9h8m7258
    • Up to 10% Off On Fee​.

Bitunix isn’t merely a trading platform, it’s an ecosystem aiming to provide a seamless, secure, and smart trading experience. Established in 2021 by Aaron Lee in Hong Kong, it has soared to the ranks of top 50 exchanges on Coinmarketcap, extending its services across 70 countries. With a vast selection of tokens and trading pairs, it’s a haven for individuals keen on spot trading or futures.

The platform has basic trading functionalities, aiding users in discovering stellar investment projects and honing efficient trading strategies​.

What is the Bitunix referral code?

The Bitunix sign up code is: 9h8m9231. This code will give you a lot of benefits.

How do I use a Bitunix Referral Code?

To use a Bitunix Referral Code:
Visit or download the Bitunix mobile app.
Click on ‘Sign Up’ and fill in the required details including the referral code.
Verify your email to complete the registration process.

What benefits do I get from using a Bitunix Referral Code?

By using a Bitunix Referral Code, you can enjoy a lifetime 10% discount on trading fees, a deposit bonus of $25 on a deposit of $150 or more, and a trading bonus of $25 on your first futures trade. Additionally, you can earn up to $5500 as a sign-up bonus by completing specific tasks.

Can I use more than one referral code?

No, only one referral code can be used per account during the sign-up process.

How does the 10% trading fee discount work?

The 10% discount is applied to every trade you execute on Bitunix. While you initially pay the full transaction fee, a 10% cashback on the fee is credited back to your account post-trade.