Genesis Mining Bitcoin Mining Calculator

If you start a Bitcoin mining contract with Genesis Mining, you want to know, of course, what you are going to earn and when your investment will return. We have a special Bitcoin mining calculator where you can calculate your daily and monthly profits. We’ve already filled in the most important factors like difficulty, block rewards, current BTC price and the Genesis Mining fee. At Genesis Mining you pay an all-in fee percentage of 28% for electricity, maintenance and hardware costs. You only have to fill in your current hashpower and your initial investment.

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Use this promo code: 6LRqcU to get a 3 percent discount on all contracts at Genesis Mining. You can re-use this code each time you upgrade your plan.

This is a very simple and standard calculator.¬†As you can see in the results, the Bitcoin mining contracts are very profitable. An additional advantage is that these contracts are valid for a lifetime and have no end date. Genesis Mining has the rights to adjust these contracts any time. In addition, the contracts will be automatically terminated when it’s no longer profitable for Genesis Mining. Nobody knows, when this happens.

If you want a thorough calculation, we recommend the Coinwarz calculator. Don’t forget to lower the Power and Power Costs to zero and add a pool fee of 28 percent.

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