Binance commission kickback rate of 20%

Please use the following Binance Referral ID for a commission kickback rate of 20%:


Binance commission kickback rate of 20%

Binance Your Commission Kickback RateIf you register a new account and you do this with an official Binance promoter, you can receive a commission kickback rate. During the registration you can recognize this by the following text: Your commission kickback rate. This is a discount percentage, by which you can get an extra discount on every transaction that you do with Binance. The promoter can determine how much commission he/she returns to his visitors. We give a standard 20% commission back to our visitors, this is the maximum. Use the Binance referral ID above for a 20% commission kickback rate.

The promoter can choose whether to share nothing, 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% with his visitors. We have opted for the maximum, so that both parties benefit as much as possible. You receive an extra discount on every transaction, and we receive the rest of the commission. That way we can divide it fairly. The kickback percentage commission is automatically added if you use our Binance referral ID. The discount is valid indefinitely for an unlimited time.

Can the kickback percentage commission be combined with the Binance Coin discount?

With Binance you receive a standard discount when you keep your own Binance Coin in your wallet. Currently, the discount on each trade is 25%. This changes every year, next year it will be 12,50%. The commission kickback rate can fortunately also be used in combination with the Binance Coin discount. These two discount promotions are therefore separate from each other.

How to apply the commission kickback rate of 20%?

It’s really simple to apply the Binance commission kickback rate.

2When the register page opens you will see that the unique code is automatically applied
3If not, please paste this code in the Binance Referral ID field: FM0W5XMZ
4Complete the registration and profit for a lifetime 20% discount
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