Genesis Mining: ZCash mining contracts available again

Good news everyone! The Zcash mining contracts are back at Genesis Mining. From September 19, it’s possible to purchase ZCash hashpower and mine this crypto. This mining method uses the Equihash algorithm and is valid for two years after purchase. No fee is charged the whole contract period, so you may keep all the profits from this contract. The contracts are expressed in hashes per second (H/s) and the biggest contract you can get is 10 000 H/s. Currently, One ZCash is currently worth $ 189, but it’s all time high was more than 400 dollars. The expectation is that ZCash will increase in value after this dip, making these contracts ever more profitable.

ZCash Mining contracts

You can recognize these contracts by the light blue color. The costs associated with these contracts depend on how much hashpower you purchase. Check out our profit calculations in the table below. These calculations are based on the current difficulty (5220148.93852669) and expressed in the amount of ZEC a month and a year.

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ZCash profit calculations

Investment Hashpower ZEC per month ZEC per year Total in 2 years
$186 100 H/s 0.06 0.74 1.48
$445 250 H/s 0.15 1.84 3.69
$1 070 600 H/s 0.36 4.43 8.85
$2 677 1500 H/s 0.91 11.06 22.13
$5 121 3000 H/s 1.81 22.13 44.26
$17 072 10 000 H/s 6.06 73.76 147.52

All investments are calculated with our 3 percent discount code.

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